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A young man named KENTIR came ZUN-NUN (MASTER SUFI) and asked, "Teacher, I do not understand why people like you should dress as they are, very, very simple. Is not in the current period have very, very well dressed, not only for appearance but also for many other purposes ? "

The Sufi just smiled. He then took off the ring from one finger, then said, "Hi Kentir, will answer your question, but first do one thing for me. Take this ring and take it to market on the other side. Can you sell it for one chip of gold ?. "Seeing the ring Zun-Nun's dirty, Kentir so feel free, "One gold pieces ?. I'm not sure this ring can be sold at that price. "" Try first, Kentir. Who knew you had. "

Kentir was rushed to market. He offered the ring to the cloth merchant, greengrocer, butcher and fish, as well as to others. Apparently, no one dared to buy gold for one chip. They offer only one piece of silver. Of course, Kentir not dare sell it for one pieces of silver. He returned to the hermitage Zun-Nun and report, "Teacher, no one in the market who dared to bid more than one pieces of silver." Zun-Nun, while still smiling wisely, saying, "Now you go to the store of gold on the back of this road . Try to show to the owner or goldsmith there. Do not open the price, just listen to how he gave an assessment. "Finally, Kentir went to the store of gold in question Zun-Nun. He returned to the Zun-Nun with other facial features.

It was later reported, "Master, it turns out the vendors in the market does not know the true value of this ring. But who knew the gold merchants who dare bid price of the ring with a thousand pieces of gold. Apparently the value of this ring a thousand times higher than that offered by the traders in the market. "

Zun-Nun smiled as he said softly, "That's the answer to your question. A person can not be judged by his clothes. Only "the merchants of vegetables, fish and meat in the market" that assesses the case. But not for the "merchants of gold". Gold and gems that exist in a person, can only be seen and assessed if we are able to see into the soul. Wisdom needed to see him. And it takes the process, O my friend. We can not judge only by the said words and attitudes that we hear and see at a glance.

Kentir my friend ... "Often mistaken for gold is a pan and what we see as the pan was gold."

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